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From downtime to uptime in no time

WillowRail creates a single view of network performance, compliance and maintenance status, delivering deep insights to rail owners and operators.

01_Single_Interface V2

A single interface

Single pane of glass

A single system drives deeper insights, proactive management and optimisation of rail networks. Clearly identify availability, punctuality, capacity, speed restrictions, interruptions and deviations all within a single interface.

Corrective maintenance

Advanced response

Create, triage, assign, and track faults through their life cycle, decreasing total time to restore
and improving visibility for all stakeholders.

02 Corrective Maintenance_v2

Preventative maintenance

Dynamic schedules

Dynamic schedules allow maintenance to be performed on ‘as required’ basis, driven directly by live data on asset health. This reduces fixed maintenance costs and provides operational flexibility in the maintenance of rail assets.

Predictive maintenance

Data-driven schedules

Utilising advanced algorithms and high-quality data, equipment can be monitored without human intervention to predict faults before they occur.


Linear asset management

Linear assets can extend for several kilometres with changing characteristics and conditions over a vast period of time. WillowRail empowers decision makers and stakeholders to optimise maintenance, operations, safety and cost in real time.

Advanced spatial intelligence

WillowRail harnesses and overlays network assets and data into an intuitive Geographical Information System (GIS), bringing the digital network to life.

Scenario-driven performance

WillowRail is capable of modelling the network assets; putting control in the hands of all stakeholders to run scenarios across any component of a digital rail network. This allows better understanding and planning for any given scenario.

Mobile response

Maintenance staff are armed with the shared knowledge and history of assets in their smart device. With its real-time functionality, the WillowRail app allows network owners and maintainers to view fault location, asset details, progress of repair and actions executed by maintenance staff; all while having a direct line of communication, streamlining processes.

Real-time interoperability

Drive better efficiencies and workflows with WillowRail's ecosystem of integrated systems and live data sources. Now combined in the one universal and completely agnostic platform, owners, operators and managers are enabled to drive limitless potential across any rail network.

Drive further efficiency

Talk to us about how we can help unlock your rail network’s full performance potential today.
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