WillowRail Mobile

Restore rail network interruptions on the go

The WillowRail mobile app provides a real-time connection between your control centre and maintenance staff.

Real-time faults

Rapid maintenance

Provisioning and receival of real time faults for maintenance staff through the WillowRail platform. This allows maintenance staff to receive, review and action faults as they occur, decreasing response and repair time and increasing network performance, efficiency of resource usage and uptime.

GPS navigation

Efficient response

Efficiently and correctly guiding maintenance staff to the location of the fault empowers accurate reporting for rail owners. Providing certainty of when maintenance staff will arrive, improves security and decreases the response time by using traffic guidance systems to account for delays.

Knowledge sharing

Comprehensive documentation

WillowRail mobile app collects and stores previously restored faults for review by other maintenance staff. This allows the capture of asset history over time to assist other maintenance staff by sharing the knowledge of what was previously actioned against an asset for a reduced repair time.

Asset visualisation

Visual documentation

The WillowRail app allows the maintenance staff to attach images of the asset, both before and after the repair was undertaken.


Responsive maintenance

Instantaneous distribution of work notifications to deploy required maintenance staff, armed with the relevant information and allowing efficient execution.

Efficient fault repair

Predetermined maintenance workflows ensures speed of response and accurate data collection.

Real-time tracking

Maintenance staff location can be directed and tracked in real-time to ensure efficient safe travel and calculated rectification to network operations.

Complete maintenance history

Access complete asset maintenance history which provides context and in-depth information to adequately repair faults.

Analytic system integrations

Maintenance staff can review network asset information on their smart devices to provide real-time context to the fault at hand.

Drive further efficiency

Talk to us about how we can help unlock your rail network’s full performance potential today.
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