Benefits of WillowRail

Drive greater network availability, uptime, and overall performance

WillowRail empowers rail operators, managers, engineers and maintenance staff to make accurate, timely, and contextual decisions to improve the performance and reliability of their rail networks.

Agnostic ecosystem

In-house data and tools are converged to create a single, seamless and intuitive platform. No longer viewed in isolation, all assets are liberated to co-contribute to a dynamic, integrated network information platform.

Towards 100% availability


Heavy haul

Optimal capacity

Optimised asset reliability and operational certainty leads to greater assurance when moving bulk commodities. Creating the opportunity to move more tonnes to port - increasing network profitability, optimal resource use and company economy.

Network-wide accountability

Information is aggregated for organisational collaboration, across all user levels, from executive through to maintenance worker, enabling total transparency and accountability.

Health and reliability

With a complete understanding of an organisation's assets, WillowRail will provide insight to network risks, asset health and enable increased reliability through more effective planning and scheduling adequate maintenance activities.



Customer satisfaction

In order to meet growing passenger demands, seamless travel experiences are centred around fast and efficient journeys. WillowRail enables insight to reduce maintenance downtime and to ensure optimal availability, driving passenger satisfaction.

Customer comfort

A complete network view supports optimised decision making, resulting in less downtime and track maintenance and providing passengers with a safe, reliable and more comfortable journey.

Increased asset reliability

Engineering teams have the information they need to optimise maintenance and renewals strategies, in order to accurately forecast future capital and operational expenditure.

Want to see WillowRail in action?

Talk to us about how we can help unlock your rail network’s full performance potential today.
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