About WillowRail

The integrated rail asset management solution

Strukton Rail’s expertise in rail asset management and deep railway domain knowledge, paired with Willow’s application of advanced technologies, sets a new standard of railway asset management and maintenance.


The approach

Over one million kilometres of railway track spans the globe; moving people, goods and bulk commodities. The management of these networks uses dozens of disparate tools. Owners and operators are faced with a sea of data, left to join the dots on their own and making critical decisions based on incomplete information. In an environment where even the smallest interruption can have serious social and financial implications, there needs to be a better way — a way to access a complete view of a rail network, operating in real-time.

The solution

WillowRail integrates operational data and asset management information into a simple and intuitive software platform. By combining, organising and managing the static, spatial and live data for all rail assets, WillowRail creates a data-driven digital rail network. Through advanced technology, WillowRail empowers rail owners and operators to maintain the highest availability standards across light, heavy and commuter rail networks. The platform allows the progression from reactive or planned maintenance to a predictive or AI-driven approach, maximising the efficiency of maintenance, optimising capacity and increasing availability.


Want to see WillowRail in action?

Talk to us about how we can help unlock your rail network’s full performance potential today.
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