Over one million kilometres of railway track spans the globe, creating complex networks.


Currently, dozens of different tools are used to manage these networks, but they’re not integrated. Owners and operators are left to join the dots on their own, making critical decisions based on incomplete information.


But in an environment where even the smallest interruption can have serious social and financial implications, there needs to be a better way — a way to access a complete view of your rail network, operating in real time.

The Digital Twin for Rail

Developed in partnership with Strukton, Europe’s leading rail maintenance organisation, Willow Rail have created the Digital Twin platform. An open ecosystem that integrates once disparate tools into a single, intuitive platform.


The Digital Twin unlocks new ways for you to engage with your network assets. For the first time, you can easily access and explore a complete and interactive network view across all key operational elements, live and in real time.


The rail domain knowledge drawn from Strukton’s rail asset management expertise is embedded in the Digital Twin, making this a powerful tool that provides a capability for actionable insights for decision makers. The integration of data from existing systems and domain knowledge makes it possible to predict faults before they occur, optimise capacity and push network availability up to 100%.


With the Digital Twin, Willow Rail is ready to transform the way you and the broader community understand, operate and interact with rail networks.

A new way forward

How Willow Rail benefits you

Up to 100% Availability

Above all, rail systems must keep running. The successful combination of technology and industry knowledge enables Willow Rail to drive availability up to 100%.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Predictive maintenance technology and algorithms allow for preventative failure detection, improving asset life, reducing reactive responses to faults and lowering related costs, creating opportunity for extensive savings.

Open Ecosystem for Rail Operators

An innovative approach to rail asset management, in-house data and tools converge to create a single, seamless and intuitive platform. No longer viewed in isolation, all assets become elements of a dynamic, integrated network.

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Willow x Strukton

Willow’s innovative approach and technology expertise pairs with Strukton Rail’s deep industry experience to form a successful partnership, delivering growth, providing clarity and ensuring progress within the rail industry.

As a renowned software developer, Willow creates easy-to-use systems that optimise performance, enhance user experience and open new streams of revenue through data management expertise — turning data into real value.

Strukton Rail is a trusted partner to some of the largest rail networks in the world, delivering ground-breaking solutions across rail infrastructure. For almost a century, Strukton Rail have been accumulating the vital industry knowledge and experience required to make Willow Rail and the Digital Twin a reality.

Paul McIlveen

Managing Director, Strukton Rail Australia

Willow Rail unlocks a new way of engaging with assets.

Willow Rail creates an innovative environment for asset management optimisation — combining disparate data into a single platform, visible to all decision makers within the rail network. This unique approach is based on an open-source principle, harnessing and utilising existing rail network systems and data to improve overall network performance.

Willow x Strukton:

Strukton’s approach to data analysis, technology and smart maintenance has delivered significant cost savings for existing rail infrastructure owners for nearly 100 years. This extensive rail industry knowledge provides the ability to offer network availability guarantees and enhanced asset management support.


The Willow Digital Twin uses market-leading technology to create cost savings and actionable insights within the property development and management sector. When paired with Strukton Rail, this technology becomes applicable to rail networks in heavy haul, passenger and light rail operating environments, creating powerful insights that enable rail network owners and operators to achieve 100% availability.

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With the Digital Twin, Willow Rail is ready to transform the way owners, operators and the broader community understand and interact with their rail networks.

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