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Our mission is to create a digital railway network that encapsulates all aspects of rail systems to improve the performance, management and experience of rail networks.

willow rail

WillowRail is an innovative integrated rail asset management solution that combines disparate rail systems into one data-driven solution for owners, operators, engineers and maintenance staff.


A single interface

A single system drives deeper insights, proactive management and optimisation of rail networks. Clearly identify availability, punctuality, capacity, speed restrictions, interruptions and deviations all within a single interface.

Corrective maintenance

Create, triage, assign and track faults through their life cycle, decreasing total time to restore and improving visibility for all stakeholders.

Mobile response

Maintenance staff are armed with the shared knowledge and history of assets in their Smart device. With its real-time functionality, the WillowRail app allows network owners and maintainers to view fault location, asset details, progress of repair and actions executed by maintenance staff all while having a direct line of communication, streamlining processes.



Agnostic ecosystem

In-house data and tools are converged to create a single, seamless and intuitive platform. No longer viewed in isolation, all assets are liberated to co-contribute to a dynamic, integrated network platform.

Efficient maintenance

The WillowRail solution integrates asset condition monitoring data to detect and forecast failures. This reduces reactive maintenance and the high associated costs by up to 20%. WillowRail's analytical engine enables the progression from preventative to predictive maintenance to optimise the lifespan of network assets.

Towards 100% availability

The complementing combination of cutting-edge platform technology and the high level of rail industry knowledge increases network availability up to 99.9+%.

Single Source of Truth

WillowRail integrates with a multitude of widely used rail operating and maintenance systems, creating a universal and agnostic tool suitable for all networks.

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